How do 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) work?

Our 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaigns always start with defining the client’s goals. What actions do you want your ads to generate? This could be increasing enquiries through the website; or it might be downloads of a gated piece of content; or, if you run an ecommerce site, it could be people buying your product. 



然后我们将创建您的广告系列并设置预算上限,这将严格限制您每天向 Google 支付的费用(如果需要,我们可以在以后相应地进行调整)。

Of course, you’ll be competing with other businesses for ad visibility for different keywords in the search engine results pages. Google ranks ads based on Ad Rank, which is made up of 质量得分 and Max Cost Per Click (CPC). This takes into account multiple relevance factors and your bid amount, which is how much you are willing to pay Google for every user action taken with your ad. 

We can set bids for specific keywords if you want to focus your campaign. The higher the 质量得分 and bid amount, the better the ad ranking. Google then takes all your provided information to automatically show your ad to people using relevant keywords on Google Search. 

Why should my Business use 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息)?

There are so many reasons to use 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息). In terms of reach and power, they are unsurpassed and because they are appearing in the search engine results pages, you can be assured that people are specifically looking for something, which means the intent is high.


  • Incomparable reach — Google Search is the most widely used search engine, with over 85% of worldwide market share and over 3.5 billion queries a day.
  • Results-based pay — You only pay for user actions you set, whether it’s clicking on an ad or making a conversion.
  • Ads over organic results — Ads are placed above organic results in the SERPs, and your competitors will take advantage of this if you don’t.

We will take care of every aspect of running your 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaign. We’ll start with setting up your campaign and creating multiple versions of your ads.

Supercharge your 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) ROI with Superb Digital

At Superb Digital we have a history of running successful 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaigns that deliver huge ROI for our clients. We’ve also taken the reins of many a 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaign, run in-house, in order to professionally optimise it. The management fee you pay for this service is very quickly dwarfed by the increase in revenue you’ll soon start seeing from our activity. 

We will take care of every aspect of running your 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaign. We’ll start with setting up your campaign and creating multiple versions of your ads (this is to test which one works best). 

We’ll then meticulously manage your campaign on an ongoing basis. 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) are not a ‘set and forget’ exercise and, to get the maximum ROI from your click budget, we need to constantly analyse the data and adjust your campaign accordingly. 

Full optimisation may take a couple of months, or more, to achieve, but the work is never really done. Seasonality, market trends, economic peaks and troughs, geographical factors, as well as competitor activity will all play into the ever changing 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) landscape.


官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) FAQ

Will 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) help me get more customers?

The power of 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) lies in its ability to show the right kind of ads to customers in different stages of the buyer journey. People use specific search terms for when they want an overhead view of a product, when they want to compare products, when they want to buy a product, and everything in between.


How much will it cost me to use 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息)?



官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) will show you your average cost per click and it does vary wildly across different industries. To give you a very wide benchmark though, the average cost-per-click for 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) in Search in 2021, across all industries, is £1.98 (for Display it’s £0.46).


Why should I hire an agency to manage my 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) account?

Most people, with a bit of online self-tuition, can run a 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaign. But that doesn’t mean they’re getting real bank for their buck! There is a lot of skill and knowledge needed to run a truly effective Ads campaign in order to maximise what you are getting from your click budget. The wasted revenue that many companies pour into 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaigns because of poor or inexperienced management is frankly staggering.

Paying an agency with a proven track record in 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) marketing, like Superb Digital, will mean an additional cost but this is quickly recouped and then significantly surpassed by the increases in enquiries and revenue we can generate from a 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) campaign.

In fact, for many of our long term 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) clients, the management fee they pay is pretty negligible when compared to the huge increase in revenue they are making from their ads.

Should I be worried about click fraud when using 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息)?

Google’s Ad Traffic Quality Team uses automated detection systems and does manual reviews to prevent click fraud for 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息). If you suspect click fraud happening with your campaign, review activity with your 官方指定2023年米乐网页版在线登录(2023趋势信息) and Google Analytics accounts, let us know and we can report the issue to Google.