How Does 官方指定米乐娱乐app官方(2023趋势信息) Influence Your SEO Strategy?



  • Higher search rankings: The main objective of keyword research is to help us get your site to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). By identifying what keywords your customers are using to search for your services you may even start to rank for search terms you hadn’t even thought of before.
  • Website segmentation and UX: Undertaking a keyword research exercise means evaluating the services and products you offer and how best you can segment these on your website. This may mean we need create new pages or even lose others that aren’t helping. This helps to improve the user experience (UX) and thus increasing conversions and visitor dwell time.
  • More informed content: Getting your web pages higher in the SERPs is one thing but getting people to click on them is another. Keyword research unlocks insights into your target audience by telling you what they are searching for and by association what kind of content they want to read. All this will help us create value adding content that is more likely to get clicked on and shared.
  • More relevant website traffic: Many people are surprised at what kind of keywords their website is ranking for, simply because the content hasn’t been properly optimised. By conducting proper keyword research, we can create content that ranks for the right search terms and as a result drive more relevant traffic to your website.
  • Identification of content gaps: Keyword research will reveal just how popular some keywords and key phrases are compared to others. Instead of trying to unrealistically rank for highly competitive keywords, this kind of gap analysis will allow us to target neglected keywords that might have lower search volume but which will still deliver highly relevant traffic to your site.

How do we do 官方指定米乐娱乐app官方(2023趋势信息)?

我们的官方指定米乐娱乐app官方(2023趋势信息)结合了用于创建准确且数据驱动的关键字地图和内容策略的流程和工具的数量。我们将使用 Google Search Console 等工具和 Ahrefs 和 WebCEO 等量身定制的 SEO 软件提取排名和关键字数据,从各种来源提取数据以确保千方百计。


Search demand curve


胖头占互联网上所有搜索的 18.5%,通常只包含一两个关键字。这些主要术语的搜索量从高到非常高(每月搜索量从数千到数百万不等),因此往往具有很强的竞争力,因为它们有可能带来巨大的流量。虽然头部关键字代表大量搜索,但与长尾关键字不同,它们往往暗示消费者意图较少,因此转化率较低。


粗中间代表 11.5 % of all searches


粗中间代表 11.5 % of all searches and consists of a far greater number of potential search queries. Like the fat head terms these tend to be high volume and highly competitive search queries with considerable traffic of hundreds or even thousands of monthly searches. Like fat head terms though, they also do not tend to convert as well as long-tail terms.


在 70%,长尾占所有互联网搜索的大部分,并且将包含两个或更多(通常更多)字。尽管每月的搜索量只有几十个或更少,但实际上有数十亿个潜在的长尾搜索查询,因此如果您可以对其中的大量搜索查询进行良好排名,它们将代表大量潜在流量。更重要的是,因为这些搜索查询更长,它们往往更具体,这通常意味着更多的用户意图。因此,与头部和粗中间词相比,长尾词的转化率大约高出两倍半。




虽然针对肥头和矮胖的中间优化您的内容很重要,但领先的 SEO专家曾经警告说,企业“忽视长尾的后果自负”。虽然标题条款有可能带来大量流量,但长尾条款往往会在购买周期的后期吸引人们。

如果我们以销售苹果电脑的网站为例,那么像“Apple computer”这样的搜索可能是一个非常有用的术语,可以让这个网站排名,但它也意味着搜索者只是在浏览 Apple 电脑,还没有决定他们想要什么。如果我们进行长尾搜索,例如“Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display and 13 inch screen”,那么我们可以推断此人已经下定决心并准备购买。


Our Top 官方指定米乐娱乐app官方(2023趋势信息) Tools

Google Search Console

免费工具和确定您的网站排名的最有用和最准确的方法之一,以及其他重要指标,如点击率 (CTR)。

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

虽然您需要一个 AdWords 帐户才能使用 Google 的关键字规划师它在确定关键字的搜索量和竞争力时,它仍然是最有洞察力的工具之一。


作为最强大和最受尊敬的 SEO 工具之一,Ahrefs 为我们提供了大量关于关键字及其潜力的指标流量、价值、排名等